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Nepal Algebra Project (NAP) / नेपाल बीज-गणित परियोजना


Scientific and Didactic Aspects - 2019

The course book with be: A Course in Galois Theory by D. J. H. Garling, you can download it from here. Also, the following reference can be helpful for you.
Fields and Galois Theory J.S. Milne

The course will be evaluated according to the rules of the other courses at TU, and the final exam is scheduled after the last day of classes, possibly in the week after.

Every week the students will be assigned take home exercises. They shall email the solutions, according to given deadlines, to an address at the Università Roma Tre where some doctoral students shall mark them and mail back corrected assignments to the students and grades to the teachers. The doctoral students of Roma Tre shall do their marking activity on a voluntary basis and will not be paid for their work.

The web page will be maintained by Dr. Nilakantha Paudel [Nilu] with the diary of the lectures, the solutions of the assignments and other information for the students.