Celebrating Michel Waldschmidt's 70th birthday
June 13-17, 2016, Marina di San Gregorio, Patù (Lecce), Italy


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This conference is organized on the occasion of the seventieth birthday of Michel Waldschmidt, celebrating him as a pioneer in the rebirth of transcendental number theory and the father of the great French transcendence school who, with his numerous scientific descendants, created the most vibrant center ever for the study of transcendence and related geometric questions.

A remarkable teacher, Michel Waldschmidt is also an outstanding ambassador, not only for transcendence theory, but, more generally, for international mathematical co-operation. He has, through his multiple actions, enriched mathematics on many levels, as well as the lives of many people in many countries. His intelligence, energy, commitment, and generosity are inspiring standards.

Reflecting the broad interests of Michel Waldschmidt, the conference will be devoted to all of Number Theory, with a special emphasis on his topics of main interest which are Number Theory and Diophantine approximation. It will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the state of the art in many classical topics in these fields but also to explore new fast emerging important topics such as unlikely intersections, Bogomolov and Lehmer problems, and André-Oort Conjectures, to name only a few.

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