A CIMPA school on
Lattices, Heights and Diophantine Approximation
Urgench State University, Urgench, Uzbekistan
June 24th - July 5th 2024

Khiva, hometown of Al-Khwārizmī
a few kilometers away from Urgench
Heights of algebraic numbers
Michel Waldschmidt

Videos of introductory classes to be watched by participants before the school: Class 1, Class 2 , Class 3 , Class 4
Introduction to sphere packing
Peter Stevenhagen
Diophantine geometry
Elisa Lorenzo Garcia
Introduction to modular forms
Francesco Pappalardi
Diophantine approximation
Oleg German
Cohn-Elkies bounds
René Schoof
Kate Petersen
The densest packing in dimension 8
Laura Geatti
web page for the course
Search bounds for Diophantine equations
Lenny Fukshansky