A CIMPA research school on
Elliptic Curves: Arithmetic and Computation
Universidad de la República
Montevidedo, Uruguay
February 11th-22nd 2019


For all participants:
Registration is mandatory, please register on the website of the school before the deadline October 28th, 2018.

Any travel, lodging or meals expenses you may have during the school will be at your charge, except for funded participants (see below).

Applying for funding
Applicants located in developing countries

Are you located in a developing country and need financial support to attend the school?
You may ask for financial support from CIMPA.

The financial support of CIMPA covers the costs of living expenses and in several cases travel expenses, for the school. Selected CIMPA participants which are covered for travel will have to purchase their ticket and will be reimbursed after the school by bank transfer (up to a maximum amount fixed by CIMPA and upon presentation of receipts and tickets/boarding passes).

To apply for a CIMPA financial support, please proceed as follows (deadline October 28th, 2018):
  1. Register on the website of the school, if not done yet.
  2. Apply on CIMPA website for funding for this school (you will have to create an account on the CIMPA web site to do so).
Please pay attention to the following important recommendation for your CIMPA application:

Applications shall include a cover letter and two recommendation letters that will be sent electronically by the referees.
Candidates are advised to complete their applications early enough and to ask the referees to send the letters long before the deadline.
CIMPA will not assume responsibility for any last-minute application which cannot be completed due to technical reasons.

Recommendation letters arriving to CIMPA after the deadline will not be considered.
CIMPA support is limited: applications will be reviewed and selected by the Scientific Committee shortly after the deadline.
Notifications will be sent to the applicants by CIMPA. You will find more detailed information on CIMPA web site

Applicants not located in a developing country

We might have a little bit of funding to cover living expenses for some particpants not from developing countries.
To apply for it please proceed as follows (deadline October 28th, 2018):
  1. Register on the website of the school, if not done yet.
  2. write an email to ecac@mat.uniroma3.it containing the following information:
    • Name, age, gender, position and instituition (with full address).
    • Name and email of two experts that we can contact for reference.
    • Attach a full curriculum vitae and a detailed explanation of your research interest
How to apply