The fifth mini symposium of the

Aula Urbano VIII, Argiletum, Via Madonna dei Monti 40, Università Roma Tre

April 10-12, 2019


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Contributed talks

13th Atelier PARI/GP
(April 8-9)


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9:30-10:00 On Siegel's Lemma
David Masser
Prime and Möbius correlations for very short intervals in ${\mathbb F}_{p}[x]$
Pär Kurlberg
Generalized Schemmel's function and its associated mean-values
Ade Irma Suriajaya
10:10-10:40 Singular units do not exist
Yuri Bilu
Sturm bounds for automorphic forms of Drinfeld type over function fields
Cécile Armana
Two Problems around the Parity Principle
Olivier Ramaré
10:40-11:10 Coffee Break
11:10-11:40 Lower bounds for the Mahler measures of polynomials that are sum  of a bounded number of monomials
Shabnam Akhtari
Irregular behaviour of class numbers and Euler-Kronecker constants of cyclotomic fields: the log log log devil at play
Pieter Moree
Contributed talks III
11:50-12:20 Modularity, rational points and Diophantine Equations
Ekin Özman
Fields of algebraic numbers with bounded local degrees and their Galois groups
Sara Checcoli
12:30-13:00 Abelian varieties with large Galois image
Marusia Rebolledo
Elliptic curves and primes of cyclic reduction
Peter Stevenhagen
13:00-15:00Lunch Break
15:00-15:30 Orienting supersingular isogeny graphs
David Kohel
Coordinates of Pell equations in various sequences
Florian Luca
The distribution of quantum modular forms
Sandro Bettin
15:40-16:10 Contributed talks I Contributed talks II Multiplicative functions in short intervals and in arithmetic progressions
Andrew Granville

Contributed talks I

Aula Urbano VIII Aula De Vecchi
15:40-15:55Monochromatic Solutions of Diophantine Equations and related questions
Sukumar das Adhikari
On the level raising of cuspidal eigenforms modulo prime powers
Emiliano Torti
16:05-16:20 Fields Generated by sums and products of singular moduli
Bernadette Faye
Congruences for sporadic sequences and modular forms for non-congruence subgroups
Matija Kazalicki
16:30-16:45Classification of number fields with minimum discriminant
Francesco Battistoni
One Level Density of a Symplectic Family of Hecke L-Functions
Ezra Waxman
16:55-17:10 The X-coordinates of Pell equations and Padovan numbers
Salah Eddine Rihane
Slopes of Drinfeld cusp forms
Maria Valentino
17:20-17:35Regularity of certain Diophantine equations
Subha Sarkar
AG codes over Abelian surfaces with special reference to Weil Restrictions of elliptic curves
Elena Berardini
17:45-18:00An exponential Diophantine equation related to the difference between powers of two Fibonacci numbers
Bijan Kumar Patel
On zero-sum subsequences in a finite abelian p-group
Bidisha Roy

Contributed talks II

Aula Urbano VIII Aula De Vecchi
15:40-15:55 Multivariate normal distribution for integral points on varieties
Daniel El-baz
Computing a Density of Ramified Primes
Christine McMeekin
16:05-16:20 Small Heights in Large Non-Abelian Extensions
Linda Frey
Positive proportion of short intervals containing
a prescribed number of primes

Daniele Mastrostefano
16:30-16:45Serre's problem for diagonal conics
Efthymios Sofos
On the Laurent-Stieltjes constants and their applications
Sumaia Saad Eddin
16:55-17:10 Statistics of moduli space of vector bundles
Sampa Dey
Approximations by signed harmonic sums and the
Thue-Morse sequence

Carlo Sanna
17:20-17:35 Bi-quadratic fields having a
non-principal Euclidean ideal class

Jaitra Chattopadhyay
Least prime square and Least prime in certain
arithmetic Beatty sequence

Karthick Babu

Contributed talks III

Aula Urbano VIII
11:10-11:25Kummer theory for number fields
Antonella Perucca
11:35-11:50 Local-global divisibility in commutative algebraic groups
Laura Paladino
12:00-12:15Gcd estimates for polynomials evaluated at S-units and applications to Lang-Vojta's conjectures
Laura Capuano
12:25-12:40The abc conjecture and non-Wieferich primes in arithmetic progressions
Hester Graves
12:50-13:05On p-adic multidimensional continued fractions
Lea Terracini