The Fourth mini symposium of the

Università Roma Tre

18-20 Aprile 2018

The Scriba Project

The proceedings of a conference usually collect the most significant contributions presented during the conference itself. The editorial choice made in this case was slightly different. We selected among the participants a few young scholars to whom we proposed to carry out a particular task: that one of the "scriba". Each of the chosen young scholar was then paired with one of the speakers and was asked to prepare a written report on the talk of the speakers he was assigned to. Of course in doing so the scribas had to get in contact with speakers after the conference in order to get the needed bibliographical references as well as some insight on the topic in question. It has to be said that all the speakers and scriba joined the project enthusiastically.
DISCLAIMER: The present volume has didactic and advertising purposes. By no means they are meant to replace the scientific publication of the results contained in it. The Roman Number Theory Association does NOT claim any rights on the intellectual property of the extended abstract below.

Entire Proceedings: pdf

Individual papers

Abstract of Contributed talks

Unlikely intersections in families of abelian varieties
Fabrizio Barroero

Sierpinski d-dimensional tetrahedron and a Diophantine non linear system
Fabio Caldarola

Explicit formula for the average of Goldbach and prime tuples representations
Marco Cantarini

New instances of the Mumford-Tate conjecture
Victoria Cantoral-Farfan

Expansions of quadratic numbers in a p-adic continued fraction
Laura Capuano

Correlations of Ramanujan expansions
Giovanni Coppola

Correlations of Multiplicative Functions
Pranendu Darbar

Diophantine approximation problem with 3 prime variables
Alessandro Gambini

Counting rational points on genus one curves
Manh Hung Tran

On the Báez-Duarte criterion for the Riemann hypothesis
Goubi Mouloud

Reductions of elliptic curves
Antonella Perucca

Computing isomorphism classes of abelian varieties over finite fields
Stefano Marseglia

Non-Wieferich primes and Euclidean algorithm in number fields
Srinivas Kotyada and Subramani Muthukrishnan

Conjectural estimates on the Mordell-Weil and the Tate-Shavarevich groups of an abelian variety
Andrea Surroca Ortiz