The fourth mini symposium of the

Aula Urbano VIII, Argiletum, Via Madonna dei Monti 40, Università Roma Tre

April 18-20, 2018


Titles and abstracts


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Contributed talks

11th Atelier PARI/GP
(April 16-17th)

Contributed talks

Session 1 (Abstracts)
  • Reductions of elliptic curves
    Antonella Perucca (University of Luxembourg)

  • On some conjectures on the Mordell-Weil and the Tate-Shafarevich of an Abelian variety
    Andrea Surroca

  • On cyclic extensions
    Bayarmagnai Gombodorj (National University of Mongolia)

  • The Prime Geodesic Theorem in the 3-dimensional hyperbolic space
    Dimitrios Chatzakos (CEMPI, Lille and Université de Lille)

  • Geometric primality tests using curves of genus 1 and 2
    Eduardo Ruiz Duarte (University of Groningen)

  • Unlikely Intersections in families of abelian varieties
    Fabrizio Barroero (University of Basel)

  • The minimal euclidean algorithm on the Gaussian integers
    Hester Graves (Institute for Defense Analyses)

  • Expansions of quadratic numbers in a $p$-adic continued fraction
    Laura Capuano (University of Oxford)

  • Counting rational points on genus one curves
    Manh Hung Tran (Chalmers University)

  • Isomorphism classes of Abelian varieties over finite fields
    Stefano Marseglia (Stockholm University)

  • New instances of the Mumford-Tate conjecture and further applications
    Victoria Cantoral Farfan (ICTP, Trieste)
Session 2 (Abstracts)
  • Diophantine approximation with prime variables
    Alessandro Gambini (Università di Parma)

  • Waring's theorem for binary powers
    Carlo Sanna (Università di Torino)

  • The exact measure of the Sierpinski d-dimensional tetrahedron in connection with a Diophantine nonlinear system
    Fabio Caldarola (Università della Calabria)

  • Correlations of Ramanujan expansions
    Giovanni Coppola (Università di Salerno)

  • On the Baez-Duarte criterion about the Riemann hypothesis
    Goubi Mouloud (Université Mouloud Maameri de Tizi Ouzou)

  • Explicit formula for the average of Goldbach and prime tuples representations
    Marco Cantarini (Università di Parma)

  • Mean values of multiplicative functions over the function fields
    Oleksiy Klurman, (KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)

  • Correlation of Multiplicative Functions
    Pranendu Darbar (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai)

  • Some inequalities associated with the multiple Gamma functions and the Zeta functions
    Praveen Agarwal (Anand International College of Engineering, Jaipur)

  • Multiple zeta values at the non-positive integers
    Sadaoui Boualem (Khemis Miliana Univezrsity)

  • Non Wieferich primes and Euclidean algorithm
    Subramani Muthukrishnan (Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad)